A SOCIAL DISTANCING story by author Kim St. Lawrence:

Thank you Kim St. Lawrence!


Click here for more information and resources about how to talk with your children about the Corona Virus.

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This site is for children as learners, their families and their teachers. I am a District Learning Support Teacher who supports educators who  in turn work with many kinds of learners, including: typical children, those who speak more than one language, and those with special needs – Kindergarten to Grade 12.
Currently, my focus is working with other educators to help children learn about their Social and Emotional well-being.

I believe that developing an understanding of our social-emotional selves is fundamental to inclusion. Inclusion and community grow together. Let’s build more inclusive communities!

To this end, I have been exploring:

  • the Zones of Regulation curriculum and teaching tools
  • the Self-Regulation Foundations courses taught by Dr. Stuart Shanker and Dr. Susan Hopkins
  • the Mindful Educators course with mindfulschools.org
  • the SCERTS Model for Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports.

I have recently added a “Social Emotional” pages to my site and a link to Kristin Wiens amazing visuals and infographics. Have a look to see what’s new!