Julie Principe, Teacher Consultant and Presenter

This site is for teachers and parents who support children as learners. As a District Resource Teacher, I support educators who in turn work with many kinds of learners. Together, we work toward meeting the needs of all learners – Kindergarten to Grade 12.

I work with educators to help children learn about their Social and Emotional well-being. I believe that developing an understanding of our social-emotional selves is fundamental to inclusion and that inclusion helps grow communities.

To this end, my Co-Presenter and Co-Author, Jan Palmer and have been presenting our workshop : “Creating a Community for Regulated Learners” at several BC conferences. Check out our upcoming workshops. This workshop features lessons from the first part of our soon-to-be-published book. (We will keep you posted). For more information as well as pre-recorded workshops (available soon), please go to our Practical Possibilities site. also, if you would like to join a community of educators interested in supporting their students’ journey in self-regulation, sign up for our group and get access to the lessons.