Julie Principe, Teacher Consultant and Presenter

A quick note to those experiencing the relentlessness of this pandemic. First, breathe …. and second, take care of yourself! You are probably tired of this vigilance, if not burned out. You can only help others when you have done the required self-care (as minimal as it may be at this challenging time).


Corona Virus

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This site is for teachers and parents who support children as learners. As a District Teacher Consultant, I support educators who in turn work with many kinds of learners. Together, we work toward meeting the needs of all learners – Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Usually, my focus is working with educators to help children learn about their Social and Emotional well-being. I believe that developing an understanding of our social-emotional selves is fundamental to inclusion and that inclusion helps grow communities.

However, with recent international events highlighting racism, as well as events closer to home, I have had to take a second, deeper look at what I do, teach, and say. I thought that by teaching and promoting Social and Emotional Learning, that would encompass anti-racism goals. I have since learned many things; both about racism and about myself as a white person of privilege. I have now started down a path which I hope leads to some kind of clarity for me and my role as a teacher, friend, ally, and parent.

I have recently added “Anti-Racism” pages to my site both for parents and educators. I will add to these pages as I find resources that may be helpful. If you know of something that might be helpful, please send me an email. I would love to hear from you!