Zones in New West 2016-2017

Last year we were so excited to receive 3 grants to support our “Zones of Regulation” Inquiry Project. We felt very supported by the NWTU, the School District and the BCTF!

We had the incredible good fortune of having district-wide collaboration from Classroom Teachers, Resource Teachers, Educational Assistants and some School Administrators. Our team also included specialists from the district: District Behaviour Teacher, District Counselor, District OT and District Learning Support Teacher.


Have a look at this Prezi to see some of the things we did (or you can view it as a PDF).

Green Week

Monday is the perfect day to begin “Green Week”.  Especially for younger children, the Zones of Regulation is easier to explore over time. The initial concepts are quite straight forward. However, the subtleties and individual nature of emotions, triggers, sensory palettes, etc. take time to understand and process.  One way to tackle this is to spend a week learning about each zone.  The Green Zone is the perfect zone to learn about in September. Green is the zone in which we learn and focus best. September is naturally about setting up structures for learning and focus. Get started on Monday with Green Week and check out the forum for more ideas and resources.