Core Competencies

Recipe for Regulation - Zoom Workshop

Recipe for Regulation – Zoom Workshop online at the Fall 2020 PITA Conference

Register for the PITA Conference here. Recipe for Regulation is an online workshop by Julie Principe and Jan Palmer at the PITA Conference on October 23, 2020 (Provincial Intermediate and Middle Years Teacher’s Association of British Columbia). Increase your understanding of self-regulation and add a dash of mindfulness. This workshop is an overview for those new …

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Classroom Norms and Expectations

As a District Teacher Consultant, I often co-teach with classroom teachers and sometimes I am a guest teacher. In these roles, I need to review the classroom expectations to create a safe space for students. I teach a lot of social and emotional skills lessons. When discussing personal emotions and situational challenges, children need to …

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Dealing with Temper Tantrums

From the Preschool Mindfulness Summit – Dr. Rick Hanson What does the science say? slow it down – buy yourself some time “train” before the “oatmeal flies” (Do what you need to do before the tantrum to learn skills and strategies and take care of yourself.) focus on the actual issue move into “repair” the …

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Parent Podcast Support During Covid-19 Pandemic

Parent Trapped

Parent Trapped Podcast – A podcast for parents by Common Sense Media. The coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives upside down. Parent Trapped is here to help. Each week, host Ann Marie Baldonado checks in with authors, educators, and celebrities to bring you real-world stories and tips. Episode 10: Embracing the Messiness of Life Episode …

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