Family Math

This site has fun and simple ideas of games and activities you can do at home. Even the kits for purchase could give you ideas of other free activities you could do.

  • Math Scavenger Hunts grades K-5 (free)
  • Play N Take Games Kit (paid)
  • Make N Take Games Kit (paid)
  • Power Pack Games Kit (paid)


Why Practicing Can Help with Emotional Regulation, by Oregon Behaviour Consultation

  • Being mad “makes us dumb”.
  • Make a plan.
  • Practise to make the best choice ahead of time.
  • Use visual prompts (talk less) to support the person having a hard time.
  • Adjust the plan as needed and practice again.

5 Unhelpful Responses

  • Don’t talk.
  • Don’t try to reason, explain, or lecture.
  • Don’t shout or use a loud or intense voice
  • Don’t respond to oppositional or defiant behaviour.
  • Don’t bring up consequences.


  • Use visual prompts.
  • Take a break.
  • Allow thinking time (for both of you) – wait.
  • Use a calm and gentle tone of voice.
  • Allow more thinking time.
  • Have a plan that you have practiced.
  • Be quiet but let them know that this is part of the plan, you are not ignoring them.


Current events – Different reading levels

Newslea can help students improve their reading comprehension and keep them current with what is happening in our nation and the world.

Newsela Social Studies, Newsela Science, and The Newsela SEL Collection are free through the 2019/2020 school year. (Teacher registers first.)

16 Ideas for Student Projects in Google Docs, Slides, and Forms – by Jennifer Gonzales


  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Book Review
  • Collaborative Story
  • Media-Rich Research Paper
  • Super Simple Blog
  • Table
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Story
  • E-Book
  • Magazine
  • Museum Kiosk
  • Short Film
  • Video Tutorial
  • Peer Survey
  • Feedback Form
  • Quiz
  • Data Sets – Visual Representation