Back to School Visuals

These visuals were made to support increasing numbers of students attending school in British Columbia during the pandemic. They address some of the “New Normal” situation. I like to frame it by saying that school is “the same but different” to ease the transition.

Download and share as needed. I hope these are useful!

Back to School

Joint Attention Examples

Simply, joint attention is a shared experience between you and your child – when you both realize it is a shared experience – even if it is just for a fleeting moment. We need joint attention before we can communicate effectively.

The Official Definition:

Joint attention is the ability to “maintain a common focus with another person on an event in the immediate environment, or on a topic through language. Joint attention communication occurs when signals are used to direct another’s attention to an object or event for the purpose of sharing observations or experiences (e.g. commenting on an object or event, requesting information). “(From The SCERTS Model, Vol. 1, by Prizant, Wetherby, Rubin, Laurent, and Rydell, p.313).

Joint Attention Activities:

Note: in this example, the adult has chosen to use the book because the boy likes this book.

Social Stories about the Pandemic – by Carol Gray

For free stories on the pandemic, click here. 

-“Some Day – A Story of Hope”
-“Watching a Pandemic on Television”
-” COVID-19: I Can Help! “Father reading bedtime stories to child. Dad putting son to sleep. Quality family time.

Family Math

This site has fun and simple ideas of games and activities you can do at home. Even the kits for purchase could give you ideas of other free activities you could do.

  • Math Scavenger Hunts grades K-5 (free)
  • Play N Take Games Kit (paid)
  • Make N Take Games Kit (paid)
  • Power Pack Games Kit (paid)