Corona Virus Pandemic

Resources and information about how to talk to children about the pandemic.

A video story from author Kim St. Lawrence:

Thank you Kim St. Lawrence!

Talking To Kids About COVID-19 from Anxiety Canada

Free Downloadable Resources from Anxiety Canada

Baby Shark Wash Your Hands Song

(Sorry parents, but whatever it takes….)

Talking to Kids About Covid 19 from Kelty Mental Health:

Help Your Family De-Stress During Coronavirus Uncertainty – From Common Sense Media:

How to manage anxiety, stay active, and focus on your family’s well-being. By Sierra Filucci

Pandemic social stories from Carol Gray:

For free stories on the pandemic, click here. Topics:
-“Some Day – A Story of Hope”
-“Watching a Pandemic on Television”
-” COVID-19: I Can Help! “

5 Ways to Help Kids Deal with Disturbing News

And of course, our old friend Grover: “Near and Far”