Learning At Home

A Collection of what’s “out there” to help your children learn at home.

A note before you dive into the resources at the bottom of this page:

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the demands on parents and teachers have increased significantly to include the additional and unexpected responsibility for educating children at home. While many parents can shift and juggle to accommodate this new situation, some will find it difficult, if not impossible – especially if they are Essential Workers on the front lines of this crisis.

I have posted ideas for parents. Choose the ones that work for you and your students/children.

Most importantly, take care of yourself first. As a parent and/or a teacher, you are the anchor for your children. This is a turbulent time and if all you can do is to take care of yourself and your family, you will have won this round! To that end, the first link is to a page on Social Emotional Learning (self-regulation, mindfulness, etc.).

The good news is that this is part of the curriculum in British Columbia, Canada, so if you take care of yourself, and talk to your children about the topics below, you will be TEACHING in the most effective way.

  • HOW you are taking care of yourself?
  • WHY you are taking care of yourself?
  • WHAT the triggers are that tell you it’s time to apply a strategy?
  • WHICH strategies you find most useful, and
  • WHEN it is most effective to apply those strategies?

Talk with your child using words and ideas that they can understand. Give them the information they need at the time. It is not always appropriate to tell them everything. At this time too much information or emotion might just add to the stress. Keep it light – if you can – and lead the way.

Digital Citizenship

(How to help your kids make good decisions online and in social media.)

Other Activities & Lessons (below)