Social-Emotional for Teachers

This page is a mixture of Social Emotional Learning and Universal Design for Learning right now. I see Universal Design for Learning integrated with social and emotional learning toward a community of inclusion.

These are my current heroes. Read below for information and resources about each.

Leah Kuypers –
Zones of Regulation
Shelly Moore –
Jen Townsend –
SEEKS Program

Leah Kuypers

Leah Kuypers has developed the Zones of Regulation® framework as a way of teaching self-regulation. Regulation is sometimes called: self-control, self-management, or impulse control. I often use her framework as an introduction to social emotional learning, especially for elementary school-aged children. Read more about the framework here. Find more resources on her website. Find supplementary resources here.

Shelly Moore

Shelly Moore is an Educational Consultant and passionate advocate for Inclusion and Universal Design for Learning. Her work is inspired by direct experience and is fueled by a commitment to all learners. Follow Shelly on her Blog: “Blog Some More” and check out her innovational teaching resources, Listen to her Podcasts, Five Moore Minutes here. Or you can also read her book One Without the Other.

Jen Townsend

Jen Townsend is an Educational Consultant who has developed the “SEE-KS” framework: “Social and Emotional Engagement, Knowledge & Skills“. She focuses on Social Emotional Learning and has resources to support Universal Design for Learning. Her framework is an effective scaffold to include (and inspire) all learners and offer classroom intervention. She explicitly and clearly breaks down the steps and skills for learners, including those who are: non-verbal (“before words”), emerging language, and conversational language. Find her framework and more resources on her website.

Ross Greene –
Sarah Ward, M.S. CCC-SLP
Sarah Ward, M.S. CCC-SLP

Ross Greene

Ross Greene is a Psychologist who created the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP). His approach includes all learners and is collaborative and proactive. Find more resources (including a downloadable copy of the ALSUP) on his website. He also has several books. Currently, I am reading this one: Lost and Found: Helping Behaviourally Challenged Students.

Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward has a Certificate of Clinical Competence in SLP. She is a leading expert in the field of  assessment and treatment of executive function deficits for educators. You can find more information and resources on her website: Cognitive Connections. If you have a chance, you should attend one of her workshops.