Tool or Toy?

Self-Regulation Fidgets – Tool or Toy? This is a learning story to help children decide if the “fidget” is a tool or a toy. It provides different photographs and images to demonstrate fidgets being used as tools and as toys. It includes a list of “Dos and Don’ts” for using fidget tools in classrooms. This learning story also helps Educational Assistants review the rules about tools and toys for their students.

You can purchase this learning story and download it here.

Safe at School Learning Story

This illustrated learning story helps to explain what school might be like as children return after learning at home during the Covid 19 Pandemic. It describes new protocols and routines such as hand washing, physical distancing and social distancing. It is meant to ease anxiety of children as they enter their classrooms after an unexpected absence. There are two versions: one with a mask and one without.

Please let me know if you would like a customized version for your school: