Definitions of Self-Regulation

What is self-regulation anyway?  Are we all talking about the same thing?  Some of the experts have different definitions! What speaks to you?

If you find other definitions in your travels, or you have a favourite definition, please share it in comment below.

Stuart Shanker defines it as:

Self-Regulation refers to how people manage energy expenditure, recovery and restoration in order to enhance growth. Effective self-regulation requires learning to recognize and respond to stress in all its many facets, positive as well as negative, hidden as well as overt, minor as well as traumatic or toxic. (

Leah Kuypers says:

Self-regulation is something everyone continually works on whether or not we are cognizant of it.  We all encounter trying circumstances that test our limits from time to time.  If we are able to recognize when we are becoming less regulated, we are able to do something about it to manage our feelings and get ourselves to a healthy place.  This comes naturally for some, but for others it is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced. (

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