Activity – Partner or Small Group

  • Pass out “Emotion Photos” of children experiencing a variety of emotions. Prepare students that it will be a bit of a guessing game for some of the photos because we don’t know the context. Tell them we are not looking for right or wrong answers, just their best guess.
    • Objective:  Students are to decide which energy level each person is experiencing and share a time when they felt that way.
    • Write these sentences frames on the board for students and display the battery image from the story so that they can refer to it or use the battery visual cards.
“I think this person has ____ (low, full, extra, or overloaded) energy because…”
“I remember feeling like this when….”

*Extra Challenge: label the emotion.       

“I think the emotion this person is feeling is….”
  • Prompt students at the half time mark so that they can make sure each partner or person in the group has a turn.

Two things to keep in mind for this activity:

Firstly, at this time students may be unclear as to which energy level is demonstrated in each emotion card. If you feel like they are interpreting incorrectly, rather than correcting them, fill in the sentence frames yourself in relation to their emotion card. Remember that we asked them for their “best guess”.

Secondly, a few students may be uncomfortable sharing a situation about themselves. Offer the option to use a character from a movie, game or book if they feel more comfortable.