Lesson Outline

Lesson Outline:

Prepare students by presenting the lesson outline. Letting students know the structure of a lesson helps them regulate. It reduces anxiety (if they have any) and it gives them an idea about how long the lesson is (so they can manage themselves within a time frame). You can do this as a list on the board, or project the visual schedule attached. Presenting it visually supports those with reading and/or executive function challenges. You may have one or two students that would find it useful to have a copy on their desk. I have included all of the activities in topic one. Please adjust the number activities according to your lesson.

  • Mindful Minute (They have just done it. Put a checkmark beside it.)
  • Brainstorm “What is Regulation?”
  • Learning story (part 1)
  • Movement break
  • Mindful Minute – again
  • Learning story (part 2)
  • Add to brainstorm list: “What is Regulation?”
  • Partner or Group activity
  • Brainstorming – relaxing activities
  • Booklet – page 1 (individual activity)
  • Exit Ticket