Student Booklet

Brainstorming Ask students to help you think of places, activities, or things that make them feel calm and relaxed. Add these ideas to the “Relaxing Activities” chart paper. As you record their ideas, encourage them to elaborate. For example, if they suggest reading, ask them which books make them feel relaxed? If they suggest listening to music, which type of music makes them feel calm? If they say playing computer games, which games make them feel mostly calm? Etc.

Activity – Booklet*:

Assign page one of the “Let’s Regulate” student booklet for students to illustrate.

Ask them to label their pictures and write a something in the speech bubble that makes sense with their picture. Prompt them to include the following details in their illustration by asking them:

  • What are you doing in this picture? (Challenge them to elaborate.)
    • What is your energy level in this picture?
    • Who are you with (if anyone)? (It is okay if they want to draw themselves alone.)
    • Where are you? (at home, in your bedroom, outside, at school, etc.)
    • What does the expression on your face look like? (i.e. It should be calm, relaxed, fine,  happy, etc.)
    • Turn the page over and write about a time when you felt relaxed. Include the information from these questions.

*If the booklet is not appropriate for a student, please consider the adapted booklet, “Me, Myself & I Regulate” or one of the adapted activities below.