Work Completion Strategies/Executive Function Support

  • Set a Time Timer or show your class on a clock face how they should be using their time. (See “Time Tracker” strategy link below for more information.)
  • Review the “Get Ready/Do/Done” strategy (see sample chart below) to support the assignment. If I have an exemplar, I post it under the “done” heading. If I don’t have an exemplar, I sometimes encourage students who are stuck or having a hard time starting, to go on a tour and look at the work of their classmates.
 Get Ready  Materials:BookletPencilEraserTo Prepare:Brainstorm ideasGet bookletPut name on booklet Do Page 1Draw picture with important details:What Energy levelWhoWhereFacial expressionsWrite sentences Done Picture with detailsColour (optional?)Sentences  
   Finish Hand in booklet (add location here)
 A Word About Executive Functioning   For starters, regulation is one of the executive functions (EF). EF also includes working memory, organization, and planning.  Sarah Ward’s “Get Ready/Do/Done” strategy supports these by breaking down explicitly what needs to be done to complete an assignment. It can be used effectively as a universal support for the whole class at this grade level. It can also be used individually, on a small whiteboard, for example. You might also use a version supported by visuals for some students.