You Made It – June 2021

If you have just finished your school year and are looking forward to the summer break . . .


You survived educating during a pandemic! I am in awe of the educators that continued to show up day after day in a pandemic because of their commitment to their students. I watched many teachers pretty much crawl to the finish line in the last week of June. But we made it! For most of us in Canada, we are seeing what is hopefully the end of the worst of it. If that is the case for you, your job is not over quite yet. Now it is time to look after yourself. Take some time to do the things with your families that you have not been able to do.

Have a well-deserved rest from school if that is possible. At the very least, take some deep breaths and acknowledge not only your survival, but the grace with which you accomplished this – and you did do it with grace – even if it didn’t always feel that way.

Having walked beside you part of the way, I thank you. And I know, your students thank you!

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